GridBox: Real-world demonstration of Smart Grids ICT

veröffentlicht um 12.10.2015, 08:07 von Rainer Bacher   [ aktualisiert: 08.02.2016, 11:13 ]
 During 2015, scs, BKW, ewz and BACHER ENERGIE AG are successfully demonstrating in a real-life environment newly developed SmartGrids technology.  The research project GridBox - funded in part by the Swiss Federal Office of Energy (BFE) - implements a novel grid management approach which provides solutions to the new energy system requirements for handling the growing infeed of distributed electricity generators (PV etc), the increased flexibility of active electricity consumption (heat boilers, etc.) and the use of distributed storage (batteries, etc). The research project GridBox provides a strongly coordinated, distributed, low cost, small form factor solution for guaranteeing a secure operation of the distribution grid while at the same time allowing (local) market participation also for prosumers, ie. consumers with their own electricity generation and storage. It enables new grid business models such as virtual power plants (VPP), asset management, fault location, optimized grid dimensioning, power quality monitoring, smart market, building energy optimization, etc.

Project Key Facts

  • Development and implemenation of project-specific hardware, software and PMU (Phasor Measurement Unit) -based sensor technology for voltages and currents (power) in a regional/hierarchical communication concept, ready to detect and correct in real-time critical grid-constrained situations (distribution grid states), ready to detect distribution system quality problems.
  • Two test regions on MV/LV grid levels with approx. 150 installed devices (One urban region, community of Zurich (ewz) and one rural region, canton of Berne (BKW))

Main project focus

  • Demonstrate the potential of a real-time grid management system on real-world urban and rural MV/LV levels
  • Demonstrate three-phase + neutral distribution grid state estimation, distribution system topology estimation, three phase MV/LV power flow and voltage correction by actor optimization
  • Provide a solid base ICT and sensor infrastructure for seamlessly handling local smart grids challenges today towards full system challenges with a high percentage of PV-infeed and controllable storage